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Shooting Range in Bangalore


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Introducing the latest thrill seeking activity for all your high energy individuals looking to sharpen skills and improve concentration or just looking for the best stress buster there is.

 Core Strength
Arm Strength
Mental processing
Mental focus
Stress relief
Discipline and core values
Make your way to the shooting range to learn more about how this recreational activity can be beneficial for your mental health and physical well being.

Safe air rifle handling is the first and most important Rule in all Shooting Sports

  • Treat every air rifle as if it is loaded.
  • • Keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction.
  • • Never point a air rifle in fun or jest.
  • • Keep your fingers off the trigger. Don’t rely on your air rifles safety device.
  • • Always wear eye protection.
  • • Know your target and what is beyond it.
  • • Keep the air rifle unloaded when not in use.
  • Air rifles must be shot from the firing line only and nowhere else.
  • •All air rifles carried on or about the shooting grounds must be held in a position of safety, with the breach open and unloaded at all times.
  • • Carry the air rifle so that you can control the barrel even if you stumble.
  • • Load your air rifle with the right ammunition.
  • • Know the air rifle you are using.
  • • Shooting on the grounds at any place, other than at a legitimate target, is prohibited.
All Shooters are Safety Officers because Safety is your responsibility, not someone else’s!
  • Only one shooting discipline is shot on the Range at any one time.
  • •Shooters must only shoot down range, in the assigned lane, and at the assigned target and nothing else.
  • •Cross firing is strictly prohibited. (Firing across your assigned lane as opposed to down the line).
  • •Only the Range Master (RM) or assigned Safety Officer (SO) can call to close the range to allow for scoring and or a target change.
  • •All non-shooters must wait in the assigned staging area. Non shooters are prohibited from stepping onto the firing line with active shooters.
  • •The Range Master or Safety Officer must caution any individual breaking range rules, and if deemed necessary, remove the individual(s) off the range.