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Laser Tag Gaming Zone in Bangalore

Target Spotted!

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The Ultimate Laser Tag Battle! Get lost in Torq03’s mystical forest and tag your mates with the best laser guns and scoring devices that enhance your laser shooting game in Bangalore.

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The worlds Largest number of players - With 43 vests, and 2 Arenas
Each arena can take up to 10 vs 10 players and for larger groups, we can cater
20 vs 20 as the duel arena becomes one large gaming centre

Expect A Rush Of Excitement

Torq03’s laser tag in Bangalore is not only for large groups. Individuals can also play and can be paired up with other interested players.

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The Arena

If you’ve ever walked into a forest after dark, you would recollect the beauty of its lights, sounds and nocturnal creatures . Lose yourself in our mystical forest stringed with magical critters, hidden walls and elevations. Navigate yourself through the creeks and barriers to tag your opponent at the most immersive laser tag gaming zone in Bangalore.

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The Ammunition

Gear yourselves up with our robust yet interactive vests and lock n load with best in class phasors that boast of the most prominent laser beams in the industry. The phasors are also equipped with a screen that gives you vital stats regarding the game progress, your score and a lot more

Gaming Zone in Bangalore

Your Accolades

Did you tag the vest, laser gun or the shoulder? Indulge in an ideal team building activity – Laser Tag, and enjoy as your colleagues and you have some serious fun only at Torq03 laser tag gaming zone in Bangalore. So, beat your friend, sibling or even your own boss at the arena, get a printout of the scores and show it off to everyone.

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