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Go Karting & Race Track in Bangalore

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Experience Thrilling Go-Karting Adventures at Torq03 – Bengaluru's Premier Time-Based Sessions Center.
Discover the ultimate adrenaline rush at Torq03, Bengaluru's leading destination for heart-pounding go-karting experiences. As pioneers of time-based sessions in the city, we're revolutionizing the way enthusiasts of all ages enjoy karting excitement. Our expansive 500-meter track caters to thrill-seekers from 3.5 feet tall and up, ensuring an exhilarating ride for everyone.
Get ready to unleash your inner racer and conquer the track like never before at Torq03.

Instructions And Rules

Regardless of your ability, passion or goal, following our simple and easy instructions will ensure you enjoy your ride to the fullest. We’ve got your karts fuelled, primed and waiting for you to join in, be sure to read the instructions before you head out to make your day a memorable one at one of the best Go Karting places in Bangalore!

  • Motor sports can be dangerous. Please follow the rules to ensure your safety
  • Driving, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly not permitted
  • Ride at your own risk. We reserve the rights to refuse admission to an individual at our discretion.
  • Anyone with hair longer than shoulders length must have it tied up inside the helmet.
  • Fasten all loose clothing before entering the track area. They could get entangled in rotating parts and cause serious injuries.
  • Avoid any stalled karts on the track.
  • Remain seated at all times. In case of a problem, raise your hands; an attendant will assist you.
  • Keep hands and feet inside the kart all times.
  • Drivers must attend briefing sessions prior to driving and must be familiar with marshal’s signals and safety requirements of the track.
  • Ignoring marshal’s instructions or being rude to marshals & officials will not be tolerated.
  • Slow the kart down to walking pace while entering the pit area.
  • Be careful while getting out of the kart as the engine will be hot and could possibly burn your hands.
  • Repair charges for damage to the karts will be recovered from the driver.
  • People with neck ailment, back pain and pregnant women should not drive a Go-kart.
  • Women wearing Burqa/saree are not allowed for karting as they might get entangled in rotating parts.
  • Failure to follow the rules could result in injuries to yourself or others.
  • One game of karting cannot be shared.
  • The accelerator is on the right.
  • The brake is on the left.
  • Do not press both pedals at the same time. If repeated after initial warning driver may be disqualified.
  • Bumping other karts is strictly not allowed. If caught the driver will be disqualified.
  • If you bump into the barriers with great force Driver will be disqualified.
  • After your session is over, marshal will wave a red flag. Kindly enter the pit lane very slowly
  • Entry to pit lane should be at walking space.
  • Do not touch the engine while getting up. It is hot and you might burn your hand.
  • It is compulsory to use a helmet
  • Clients should follow all instructions of the staff. Disobeying any instructions will result in immediate disqualification from the race.

Karting Disclaimer/ Waiver form

  • Each individual participant (or authorized guardian, if minor) must read and sign this release of liability prior to participating in karting.
  • I/We have visited TORQ03 Sports & Adventure Pvt Ltd on my own wish and voluntarily and without any force;
  • I/We am/are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and won’t use these substances before going on the track or while being on the track at Torq03 & my further health condition and skills allow me to use rented karts and I am not suffering from any health issues;
  • The instructor has taught me/us to use the kart and further he has informed me about the specific use of the kart, safety techniques/measures, and educated me about the potential risks and consequences involved with driving, avoiding dangerous situations and rescue methods.
  • I/we have understood everything that has been told by the instructor and remember it;
  • I/we understand that using the kart and being on the racing track or its territory involves risks and that Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees are in no manner responsible for any accidents, injuries and untoward incidents that may or might take place on the track due to my or our behaviour or driving and that Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees are not liable or responsible towards the injuries or accidents that may be caused to me/us and further Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees also are not liable to indemnify for any potential financial losses and non-financial damages and body injuries sustained by meus that may result from using the kart and driving on the track;
  • I/We further undertake that i/us shall be solely liable and responsible and be fully accountability for risks associated with using the kart and driving on the competition track at Torq03, and in case of an accident or other incidents I/we won’t claim for financial or non-financial damages to the company or its employees;
  • I/We take full responsibility for the kart and special equipment and gears given for my/our use during driving the kart/s or otherwise and i/we further assure Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees that I/We use them with good care and precautions and agree to return the special equipment and gears within the stipulated/agreed time in condition as received by me/us.
  • In the event of the special equipment and gears being damaged due to any of my/our actions, negligence or inabilities, then I/We agree to compensate and indemnify Torq03 Sports & Adventure Pvt Ltd, for all damages and losses caused or sustained to the karts, equipment, track or third parties and Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees shall not be liable or responsible for the same.
  • I/we agree not to drive in a reckless manner on the track and further agree not to dash into other karts on the track and cause accidents intentionally or unintentionally and further I shall not question the decision of the Torq03 Sports and Adventure Pvt Ltd and its employees, if they disqualify me/us from driving the kart/s for my/our actions on the track.
  • I/we acknowledge, understand and agree that I/we have read this form and I have understood all risk associated with participating and further that I/we have signed this release of liability voluntarily and without any force or threat. Minor Age Participants (under age 18)
  • All participants under the age of 18 at the time of the event must have a parent or guardian sign below.
  • I hereby certify that I am the parent or guardian with legal responsibility for the above mentioned minor participant and agree to his/her participation and release and hold TORQ03 Sports & Adventures Pvt Ltd their employees from any and all liability for the minor injury, disability, death, loss or damage to personal property. I acknowledge that I have read this release of liability in its entirety and assume all risk for the above-named minor and sign this release voluntarily and without inducement.
Kids Gaming Zone in Bangalore

Safety And Track

Driver safety is our priority.
Our track for Go Karting for kids & adults in Bangalore is designed to ensure safety with its top of the line safety barriers and the staff equipped to closely monitor the track and its surrounding sensitive areas to ensure full safety for everyone.

Our superb and safe Karting track stands unchallenged as the best go kart race track in the city, making Torq03 one of the best Go Karting places in Bangalore, boasting state of the art race karts and the best armature karts to enjoy the thrilling twists and turns. It also features a fully floodlit night track with top notch safety barriers keeping you safe from impact and damaging the karts themselves. The unique feature of the track at Torq03 is its ‘flexible’ nature wherein the track can be changed as and when required. This ensures that when our karting enthusiast has mastered the nuances of the present track, he can be rest assured that there will soon be a new challenge waiting for him around the corner!The track is perfect for corporate races, customised tracks, championships, practice sessions for both adults and children. Whether you are a dedicated professional driver or complete rank amateur, this circuit can offer something exciting for everyone. Your safety is our priority! Enjoy the slickest track in Bangalore that will keep you coming back for you.

We bring to you accuracy because we understand your racing needs. Our state of the art tracking system will help you achieve just that. The X2 Link makes live results available to racers on our displays, whereas timers and race control are able to track live accurate positions of the vehicles to bring more safety and fair play to the track. This would enable the complete development of ones racing skills. Stay tuned for the upcoming Leadership board.

  • Entry into the go-kart course is at your own risk.
  • Clients should follow all instructions of the course staff.
  • Disobeying any instructions will result in immediate disqualification from the race.
  • It is compulsory to use a helmet.
  • Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. Intentional bumping into other go-karts will be followed by immediate expulsion from the race track.
  • Crashing into the tire will lead into disqualification
  • Long hair should be tucked in under the helmet.
  • ENTER and EXIT the pits SLOWLY!! NEVER step on the brake and gas accelerator at the same time.
  • Do NOT touch the engine, the exhaust pipe and the tank cover are very HOT and risk BURNS!
  • Slower drivers MUST let faster drivers PASS and not block others on the course.
  • In case of disobedience of the above mentioned rules the operator is NOT liable or responsible for any damages
  • No one who shows any sign of drinking alcoholic beverages may be allowed to operate a go-kart.
  • Anyone with hair longer than shoulder length must have it tied up with a clip or rubber band.
  • No loose clothing that flares up may be worn.
  • Absolutely no bumping together of karts can be allowed.
  • Riders are advised not to get out of the kart before the pit marshal tells them to.
  • Only one person per kart is allowed except for the Twin karts

Types of Race

Types of Kart

Go Karting - Raptor


Skill Level- Low
Age- 12-50 years
Heights- Min 4.5 Feet
Power- 7 BHP
10 mins @ 999 Points AVG Laps – 15 to 17
Available all days

The Twin (One adult and One Kid)


Skill Level- Moderate
Age- 1 Adult and 1 child of 3.5 ft height
Power- 7 BHP
10 mins @ 999 Points
Available all days

The Cadet Kart (kids)


Skill Level- Novice
Age- 6-8 years
Power- 4 BHP 
10 mins @ 999 Points 
Available all days

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Capture your Go-Karting experience with personalized scorecards featuring statistics such as Fastest Lap, Total circuit time, overall & lap wise position and many more critical details that invoke the racer in you.

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