Bowling in Bangalore

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Strike up some fun at our vintage bowling alley, enjoy plush seating and personalised F&B services.

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Bowling in Bangalore

Bowler Experience

We have taken into consideration your entire bowling experience right from our state of the art lanes to comfortable shoes and seating. Our equipment is designed to keep you engaged and thrilled till the end of your game.

Scoring Consoles

Fully capitalize on the advance scoring and ranking technology driven by the need of competitions and league matches. Keep a tab on your speed, accuracy and compete with your team on several platforms.

Scoring Themes

Customise your scoring displays by choosing from the several themes we have for every age. Set animated monsters on the loose to wreak havoc and mayhem, as spurred on by the action on the lane or chose your holiday mood from our several animated themes.


Chose from the standard 10 frame bowling or mix it up with competitive time based games with your friends and family. Bring a new level of challenge to knock down specified pins or simplify it for the little ones with our E-Z bowling with bumpers so no ball hits the gutter.

Bowling Alley in Bangalore

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