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We have a Corporate Team Racing and head-to-head competition available for you and your co-workers, just be sure to select the one that fits your need.

Make Sure You And The Team Take Back Something More Than High Speed Thrills Back To The Office!

Getting your staff or colleagues working as a team is important in any workplace, so why not inject some fuel into your corporate engine with our tailor-made team building and social karting events? At Torq03, we’re thinking speed, strategy and split-second decisions, helping you and the team identify how your staff work under pressure in our testing and stimulating environment.

Go Karting For Corporates

The Sprint Race

Exclusive Track! Exclusive Karts! Race & Rewards!

In this thrilling corporate sprint race, there can be only one winner! After a practice and qualifying session, drivers individually battle it out in a grueling finals. Who will take home the honour?

Phase 1

The Practice round

2 laps for each member.
150 PAX x 2 laps each = 300 laps

Phase 2

Qualifying round

6 Laps for each member (only top 100 will qualify to Phase 3)
150 PAX x 6 Laps each = 900 laps

Phase 3

Heat 1

6 Laps for each qualifier (only the top 50 will qualify to Phase 4)
100 PAX x 6 laps each = 600 laps

Phase 4

The Semi Finals

6 Laps for each qualifier (only top 10 will qualify to FINALS)
50 PAX x 6 laps = 300 laps

Phase 5

The Grand Finale

15 laps for the top 10 qualifiers (10 PAX x 15 laps = 150 laps)
The racers get to show off their skills on the 11bhp race monster – The EVO

Customization available for Corporate Karting