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Race Format


Event Format: EXCLUSIVITY of the track will be provided for your team.

Round 1: Practising round: 4 laps for each member.
(20 people X 4 laps = 80 laps)

Round 2: Qualifying round: 6 Laps for each member. In this round according to the best lap time we will qualify the members and divided it into 2 team. Each Team 5 Members.
(20 people X 6 Laps = 120 laps)

Round 3: Semi Final round: 8 Laps for each member (i.e.)   4 teams (5 members).In this round the first 2 members to cross the finish line will be selected for the finals.
(20 people X 8 Laps = 160 laps)

Round 4: Final round: 10 laps for 8 members. For finals we will start the race from the Grid Line and we will switch ON the Race lights.(8 people X 10 laps = 80 laps)