Mechanical Bull Ride

Hold on tight!

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Meet our very own "Green Bull", he may not give you wings, so hold on tight!

Tips to Riding Longer 

Get A Good Grip

Use your dominant hand to grip the rope handle firmly. Keep your second hand free to help you with balance. 

Balance Is Everything

Proper balance is everything. You need to position yourself towards the front of the “seat,” as close to the handle as possible without actually sitting on your hand. This helps you keep maximum control over your body and helps to center your weight. Your body is the counterbalance to the bull. In other words, the weight of your body balances the weight of the bull. If the mechanical bull tips forward, your body should move backwards. If the bull’s head moves backwards, your body should move forward.

Don’t Freak Out

The longer you stay on the bull, the more the mechanical bull will try to throw you off. As speed increases, a lot of beginner riders get nervous and get thrown off the ride. Once the bull begins to move, do not get nervous and try to adjust your grip or move on your seat. Remember – this is fun! There’s no reason to be nervous.

Special Notes

  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY & ONLY ONE RIDER AT A TIME: While riding a mechanical bull, your ankles, legs, and knees all rub against the bull during the ride. Wearing jeans or pants helps avoid being pinch, cut, or scraped by the ride.
  • The operator has several different settings from amateur to experience riders. If it’s your first time riding, you can ask the operator for the lowest setting and practice your balancing techniques.