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Torq03 Track Rules

• Entry into the go-kart course is at your own risk.
• Clients should follow all instructions of the course staff. Disobeying any instructions will result in immediate Disqualification from the race.
• It is compulsory to use a helmet.
• Driving after consuming ALCOHOL OR DRUGS is strictly PROHIBITED.
• Shoes and trousers are recommended during driving.
• Intentional bumping into other Go-kart will be followed by immediate expulsion from the race track – Go Karting is a non-contact sport.
• Avoid any stalled karts on the track.
• Remain seated at all times. In case of a problem, raise your hands, an attender will assist you.
• keep hands and feet in the kart at all times.
• Drivers must attend briefing sessions prior to driving and must de familiar with marshal’s signals and safety requirements of the track.
• Crashing into the tire will lead into Disqualification
• Long hair should be tucked in under the helmet.
• Fasten all loose clothing before entering the track area. It could get entangled in rotating parts and cause serious injuries.
• Ignoring marshal’s instructions or being rude to marshals and officials will not be tolerated.
• ENTER and EXIT the pits SLOWLY!
• Slow the kart down to a WALKING PACE while entering the pit area.
• NEVER step on the brake and gas accelerator at the same time.
• Do NOT touch the engine, the exhaust pipe and the tank cover are very HOT and risk BURNS!
• Slower drivers MUST let faster drivers PASS and not block others on the course.
• In case of disobedience of the above mentioned rules the operator is NOT liable or responsible for any damages
• Repair charges for DAMAGE to karts will be recovered from the driver.
• People with back or neck ailments and pregnant women should not drive a Go-kart.
• Women wearing sari or burka are not allowed for karting. Since it might entangle in rotating parts.
• Failure to follow the rules could result in injuries to yourself and others.