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Flag signals are followed in motor sport around the world and mean the same in all disciplines of motor sport. Drivers must check supplementary regulations for any changes.
Green – Indicates – ALL CLEAR. This flag is normally used after the Yellow flag to inform drivers that they can start racing again. The Green flag could be used to indicate the start or the beginning of the race. It could also be used after a yellow flag to indicate “start racing”
Yellow – DO NOT OVERTAKE – Held stationary, it indicates a mishp on the track ahead. Slow down and watch out. Flag waived means that there is an incident on the track ahead. Slow immediately. Starter displays 2 yellow flags to show a FULL-COURSE yellow flag condition.
Red – Indicates that the race has been stopped. It is used in the case of a serious accident, or large amount of debris or oil are on the track. STOP RACING, or HARD DRIVING and proceed slowly to the designated area such as Pit Lane or Starting Grid.
Blue- Indicates that yor are about to be overtaken. A motionless flag informs you that the driver behind you is close to you and that you should be prepared for him to pass.A waving blue flag means that you are holding up the kart behind you and that you must permit it to pass.
White- It indicates that the leader is on the last lap.  
Black- Indicates that you have a penalty or are disqualified (a board with the kart number will be held up to indicate the driver in question)
Rolled Black Flag – If pointed at you, indicates a warning that your driving borders on disqualification.
Black & White- Indicates un-sportsmanlike behaviour when waived in your direction.
You might have ignored blue of yellow flags or driven without consideration for other drivers by banging or pushing them out of the way.
Red and yello stripe s- Indicates a slippery surface ahead.
It means that you should look out for a surface on the track that is more slippery than the rest of it. It could be slippery from oil or fuel or even mud on the track.
Checkered- Indicates the end of the race. The first kart that crosses the line at the completion of the set duration of the race is declared the winner.